TransAct: “Our presence at PGS 2023 strengthens our commitment to the gaming industry in Latin America”

TransAct’s Director of Sales – Casino and Gaming, Diego Mejía, confirmed the participation of the company, which designs printers for the gaming sector, in the twentieth edition of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS), to be held on June 14 and 15 at the Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima.

In an interview with Yogonet, the executive highlighted the relevance of the event in Peru, where customers, partners, and participants will be able to learn about the technological and operational advantages of its new TITO printer, Epic EDGE, as well as other products and novelties.

What will TransAct’s participation in this edition of the Peru Gaming Show be like?

TransAct will have a new location, and we will be a little closer to the stands of the main slot manufacturers, which will allow us to have more visibility and be in constant contact with the attendees of the event. As in the rest of the year, our presence reiterates our commitment to the gaming industry in Latin America, and we want to make that message very clear.

TransAct has become the leading company in printing solutions for land-based operations, making many of the manufacturers have chosen us as their preferred TITO printer for their new machines, with one of the most technologically advanced products and with all the support and accompaniment of our company.

With our presence at PGS, we want our customers, partners, and participants in general to learn more about the technological and operational advantages of our new TITO printer, Epic EDGE, and to discover how easy it is to use and service, which makes it the best solution for the market.

Will you be making any specific launches or announcements at the event?

We will be showcasing our award-winning promotional coupon system called Epicentral, which, through our printers, allows casinos to develop promotional marketing campaigns by varying the play level of their customers. While they are playing on their slot machine, the system will allow the printing of prize coupons to those customers who have reached the promotional threshold levels. This system adds value to the printers already installed inside the machines and can even turn a slot machine into a self-service promotional kiosk inside the casino.

Epicentral connects directly to the back-end of the Casino Management System (CMS) and, through queries of the different gaming session data, will execute the corresponding coupon printing option. This functionality is totally transparent and invisible to the slot machine, and the gaming operation is never interrupted.

As a novelty, we will have an additional module that allows the printing of this type of promotional coupon manually. This service is convenient for those operations that have a more personalized treatment through the room staff that, with a mobile device and an application, can issue the printing through Epicentral and select the machine and the customer where the prize coupon will be sent.

As a complement, we will have the TITO printer with the highest definition in the market, which allows multi-protocol communication and is compatible with the vast majority of machines in the industry. The Epic EDGE printer is already available, and we will have it at our booth in two different presentations: for slot machine installation and for desktop application, which is commonly used in the cashier section of casinos or customer service and offers a modern design with a security casing and LED nozzle.

Among other products, we will also have two printers for receipt printing, perfect for the integration of sports betting solutions, either within betting kiosks or desktop printing. These are the ultra-fast and versatile thermal roll printers, Epic 880 and Ithaca 9000.

The event will bring together the main players in the Peruvian gaming sector. What is your relationship with this market, and how will you take advantage of the event to relate to it?

TransAct has been characterized by its excellent customer support and service, in addition to offering products of the highest quality. Since a couple of years ago, we have multiplied our operational and production efforts to meet the high product demand in the industry, especially post-COVID. For this reason, many of the global slot machine manufacturers have decided to fortify their relationship with us, appreciating our commitment to the market and providing immediate solutions to the availability problems that our competitors continue to have.

Our idea is that this message can also reach casino operators and that, through our presence and participation in this event, they can differentiate the type of product and, above all, the type of company we are. Unlike other suppliers, we are 100% committed to the Latin American market, and for this reason, we have strengthened our presence to continue growing along with our customers.

PGS 2023 will offer a day dedicated to networking. How will your strategy be to connect with other industry players in the region during the event?

Basically, we want to make clear our commitment to the gaming industry in the region, and therefore, we will be supporting manufacturers and their local representatives through product availability so that their machines have the best printing solution in the market. We also want to show operators that TransAct printers are the best option due to their robustness, functionality, technology, availability, and, above all, their versatility and response. Importantly, TransAct does not charge for access to its firmware files, which are vital to the operation of our products.

It has been announced that during the event, there will be a special focus on the online sector, as well as regulatory issues in the region. What are the issues that TransAct will focus on?

As a foreign company with a global presence, TransAct will always be supporting regulatory issues and growth in the region. It is in our interest that the gaming industry in Latin America continues to grow and that it is no longer considered a potential market but an already developed market with real trends. Peru has become one of the countries of reference in the industry, and for this reason, being able to participate in the fair gives us the option to continue supporting its development.