“Skilrock’s special focus for BIS will be on meeting the specific needs of Brazil and Latin America”

Following its recent participation at the EL Congress & Tradeshow in Šibenik, Croatia, lottery and gaming solutions provider Skilrock now sets its sights on Latin America. The firm will be presenting its novelties for the sector, including latest product Scan-n-Play, at the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BIS), to be held at Sao Paulo’s Transamerica Expo Center from June 14-18.

Ahead of the summit, Yogonet caught up with Skilrock’s Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director & CEO, to discuss the company’s plans for BIS, expansion in the LatAm market, and what sets the firm’s latest solutions apart.

Skilrock specializes in technology for lotteries and iGaming. Taking into account the way these sectors are changing in Brazil, how important is this market for Skilrock at the moment, and what are your expectations for the BiS SIGMA Américas event?

Considering it is one of the most important events in the segment in Latin America, we are eagerly waiting for the BiS 2023. And the lottery & gaming sector is indeed changing in the country, which actually opens up new challenges and opportunities. However, this also makes it the best time to expand business in Brazil. 

I’d like to add that we are committed to the Brazilian market, which is clearly evident from the fact that we have a regional office and team designated specifically for the clients. Our team is prepared to demonstrate our innovative products and highlight the company’s position as an ideal technology partner for operators in Brazil. 

At the event, we will showcase our broad suite of lottery & iGaming solutions. A standout product at the stand will be Scan-n-Play which is a robust, reliable product for the retail sector. Our special focus will be on meeting the specific needs of Brazil and Latin America. Of course, we are also looking forward to meeting with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators at BIS 2023. 

What Skilrock products will play a key role in this market, and what advantages do they offer when compared to those of your competitors?

We have our flagship products, including the acclaimed INFINITI platform, which is an omnichannel and omni-gaming platform and allows operators to quickly and efficiently scale their offerings. Moreover, we maintain a profound knowledge of the Brazilian market which is emerging as one of the biggest ones in the world. 

We have recently signed an agreement with CT Interactive to expand its presence in Latin America. Of course, this will positively impact our presence in the Brazilian market. Most importantly, our newest product Scan-n-Play puts us in a unique position to support retail operators and help them attract the next generation of players. 

We are proud that our team understands the local needs and customize our solutions to meet their specific needs. This includes our acclaimed platform, exciting games, etc. 

How do you expect regulation to advance in Brazil over the coming months, and in which way could this affect Skilrock’s operations and presence in the country?

Our local team in Latin America is composed of Brazilian professionals, who are closer to what is happening in the country and are more sensitive to the impacts of the political agenda on our business.

Regardless of the Sports Betting Regulation and the Legalization of Gambling, it is important to highlight that there are many other businesses around our industry, in a country of continental dimensions such as Brazil. Since 2020 the State Lotteries already have had their legality approved by the Supreme Court, and with this, they begin to gain life and body, more and more. Through partnerships with Brazilian companies, we already have a presence in Paraná, Paraiba, and Maranhão.

It is worth mentioning that Skilrock has no vocation to be an operator outside India but a solid technology provider. This helps local operators to see us as a true partner and not as a potential competitor. 

The company has recently launched the aforementioned Scan-n-Play product, aimed at the retail market. Will it be a highlight of the summit? Do you see a potential market for it in the country?

Scan-n-Play is all about Simplifying E-Instant For Retail. And yes, it will be at the Brazilian iGaming Summit this year. 
Scan-n-play is a retail lottery technology solution that enables frictionless, convenient retail lottery experiences without the need for player registration. It supports a huge variety of engaging games that can be played at a variety of locations, such as supermarkets, banks, retail stores, malls, and vending machines. It empowers a retail lottery business and digitalizes the player journey. This makes it appropriate for the country where retailers are looking for ways to attract the next generation of players

All in all, it combines the strengths of digital lottery technology with the charm of retail channels. It creates a unique experience for players. I’d like to add that it is built on Skilrock’s continued pioneering work with the aim of enabling lottery retailers to compete and innovate in the competitive landscape. The emphasis will be on elaborating on real-life scenarios, providing a practical understanding of the changing retail landscape and how we can help with our latest solution. 

Along with Paybrokers, Skilrock has earned the rights as a provider for the Paraná Lottery. How important is this news for Skilrock and what opportunities does it open for the firm in the local market? What can you tell us in regard to other similar agreements with other Brazilian lotteries?

We are proud to have been chosen as a supplier of the Paraná State Lottery (LOTEPAR) involving regulatory management system. This is just the beginning. Brazil has 26 states plus the Federal District. Many other lotteries will arise with similar or completely different demands. We are looking forward to similar agreements in the near future, across various states of Brazil. This will immensely benefit regulators to manage the operators and generate tax revenues for the state.

Gambling has always been present in Brazil, especially in the illegal market. But Lotteries are something very new to the country. The “Loterias da Caixa” has always focused on lottery draw games, but there is much more to this very specific segment. Our offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of the Brazilian market, supported by our extensive experience and innovative solutions. We will strive not only to share our technical expertise but also to help strengthen the lottery ecosystem in the state, fostering growth and development.

The company has recently signed an agreement with CT Interactive to expand its presence in Latin America, which you mentioned before. Does it encompass Brazil? How will it affect the company’s footprint in Latin America?

Skilrock Technologies is honored to have integrated CT Interactive’s exciting content onto our platform. CT Interactive is known as one of the best suppliers in the sector. The agreement allows us to give our clients access to some of the finest content available in the industry. Our strong presence in Brazil and other Latin American markets will help us provide tremendous value to our partners. Both Skilrock and CT Interactive will focus on leveraging their respective strengths to drive growth and create value for the lottery & gaming industry. 

So, this deal broadens and diversifies our games portfolio in Brazil and other Latin American markets. We feel well-positioned and ready to steal the show. Come, visit us at booth number C21.