CreedRoomz launches new Indian card game Andar Bahar

Live casino software and services provider CreedRoomz is launching Andar Bahar, a card game originating in India, making it available to its global partners.

Andar Bahar is a card game that uses a standard 52-card deck focusing on the Joker Card. The game involves dealing cards into 2 piles called Andar and Bahar, and the pile that matches the value of the Joker Card determines the winner.

Players can place bets on two main options: Andar or Bahar, and can also choose from several side bets, including Joker Suit, First 3, Andar on 1st, Bahar on 1st, and Dealt Cards Count Ranges. This last option includes a unique Aurum feature, where up to five possible range boxes are randomly highlighted, offering players up to a 4000x multiplier.

Andar Bahar is available on both desktop and mobile devices, providing players worldwide with what the company calls “an easily accessible and secure gaming experience.”

In April, CreedRoomz introduced its first-ever Multiplayer Blackjack, Cash Out Blackjack, enhanced with an unlimited number of players, an instant cashout system and a 6 Side Bets feature. The new live game by CreedRoomz is “an innovative answer to market requests where multiplayer live casino games are gaining rapid popularity,” the company said.