UK Gambling Commission launches website hub for operator responsibilities with third parties

The UK Gambling Commission has unveiled a new website hub aimed at assisting operators in understanding their responsibilities when engaging with non-licensed entities, including white-label partners.

Published in the Commission’s Compliance section, the hub provides clear guidelines and expectations for operators entering into business relationships with third parties.

The launch of the hub comes in response to enforcement actions taken by the Commission against operators for deficiencies in conducting due diligence checks on third parties.

By outlining the requirements in the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP), which govern the obligations of gambling businesses, the hub aims to ensure operators are fully aware of their responsibilities when contracting with third parties.

In addition to general guidelines, the hub also offers specific advice for operators involved in white label partnerships. It emphasizes that compliance with gambling regulations, including those pertaining to white labelled sites, ultimately rests with the license holder.

The Commission affirms its commitment to closely monitoring licensees engaged in these business relationships to ensure compliance is maintained.

The new hub serves as a timely reminder for operators to prioritize robust due diligence procedures and maintain a thorough understanding of their obligations when working with third parties.

By adhering to these guidelines, operators can strengthen their compliance efforts and mitigate the risk of potential enforcement actions by the Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission stated that it remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a transparent and responsible gambling industry, and the launch of this website hub represents another step toward achieving these objectives.

It provides operators with a centralized resource to access information, guidelines, and best practices for conducting business relationships with third parties, ultimately promoting a safer and more accountable gambling environment in the UK.