Bahamut Chain launches new dashboard, empowering users with insights

Bahamut Chain, the advanced blockchain platform within the Fastex ecosystem, has unveiled its latest addition – a dashboard that offers users insights into the platform’s key features.

This development aims to equip users with the necessary information to navigate the world of blockchain effectively.

The newly introduced dashboard provides users with essential statistics, validator numbers, and other significant data. It allows users to stay informed about important aspects of the platform.

Users can access information such as the total number of FTNs (Fastex Tokens) available on both Bahamut and Ethereum Mainnets. Additionally, they can explore statistics related to transaction numbers, average block time, and more.

By launching this dashboard, Fastex demonstrates its commitment to transparency and user-friendly experiences.

The platform intends to foster a stronger relationship with its users by sharing its progress and achievements. Bahamut Chain stated that it strives to enhance the overall user experience and equip its users with the necessary tools to thrive in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.