FBMDS launches its Bailão Junino slot on online casino Vai de Bet in time for Saint John’s celebration

Video bingo and iGaming supplier FBMDS has partnered with online casino Vai de Bet for “a memorable Saint John’s celebration” through its latest slot. The digital wing of FBM is bringing a new entertainment offer to Brazilian festivities by launching Bailão Junino in Vai de Bet’s online casino.

The online slot developed by FBMDS is the official game of Vai de Bet Saint John’s celebrations, in Campina Grande. Bailão Junino was launched earlier this month, and is inspired by Brazilian festivities.

The event promises to offer weeks of joy and party to millions of people visiting the state of Paraíba and counts with the endorsement of the talented artist Gustavo Lima. Recognized as the capital of Saint John’s in Brazil, Campina Grande attracts thousands of Brazilians and tourists to Paraiba during June, notes FBM.

These festivities had their first edition in 1983, and are currently celebrating its 40th edition. On this occasion, FBMDS says that it has partnered with Vai de Bet “as the perfect ally to bring pure entertainment connected to the local traditions through Bailão Junino.”

“As the official game of Vai de Bet Saint John’s, Bailão Junino is a passport to the exhilarating June festivities in Brazil, combining thrilling gameplay with the rich cultural heritage of Brazil,” the company noted in a statement. “With stunning visuals, captivating sound effects, and an array of exciting features, this game is ready to provide memorable gaming sessions.”

The company notes that the launch is part of an integrated strategy of Vai de Bet to support and promote the local festivities, as the online casino has chosen Gustavo Lima as the party’s ambassador. The casino said the singer embodies the event spirit and aims to promote the cultural legacy of the Saint John’s celebrations, “getting a new push on this mission with the inclusion of Bailão Junino.”

Guilherme Graziani, Account Manager at FBMDS, explained how the product “matches an excellent entertainment offer with a cultural identification with the Brazilian market.”

He said: “Bailão Junino provides an authentic slots experience that immerses players in the joyful atmosphere we can live on the streets during Saint John’s celebrations. Each asset of this game is the output of intense market research. This alliance with Vai de Bet fits perfectly on our intention to bring targeted, valuable, and enthusiastic entertainment solutions for the online casino players of each market.”

Matheus Rocha, CMO at Vai de Bet, noted that the partnership reinforces the connection that the company aims to establish with the culture and traditions of Brazil.

Rocha added: “We are very proud to support this symbol of the Brazilian culture, and Bailão Junino is a very relevant boost to our intents. This slot matches perfectly with the program we created for this famous June festivities by providing exciting gaming sessions to complement the joyful days that all the Saint John enthusiasts are living on the streets.”

Bailão Junino’s main features

Bailão Junino is a 25-payment-line game adorned with “eye-catching” graphics that capture the essence of a Brazilian celebration, featuring vibrant characters wearing traditional costumes, tasty treats, and colorful objects such as balloons, fireworks, and musical instruments. “Players will be visually immersed in the joyful atmosphere, providing a truly genuine experience,” says FBMDS.

“The lively beats of Baião and Forró, combined with the cheers of the crowd every time there is a win, create an energetic soundscape that complements the gameplay perfectly,” the provider adds. “The soundtrack enhances the excitement and adds an extra layer of authenticity to the game which was carefully thought out based on a localized approach to the LATAM market.”

For the occasion, FBMDS says it has “meticulously crafted an engaging gameplay experience,” offering multiple payment lines, and bonus rounds. The Wild, Scatter and Stacked Wild features during Free Spins will make players embark on “an exhilarating journey,” unlocking various hidden surprises and rewards along the way.