Former Macau junket boss Alvin Chau reportedly apologizes for unpaid salaries to Suncity Group employees

Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, the former kingpin of Macau junket operator Suncity Group, has reportedly issued a handwritten apology to former employees of the company for unpaid salaries. The apology comes after Chau was sentenced to 18 years in prison earlier this year on charges of leading a criminal syndicate, engaging in illicit gambling activities, and fraud.

The closure of all VIP rooms operated by Sun City Gaming Promotion Company Limited followed Chau’s high-profile arrest two years ago, leading to the eventual winding up of the once-largest junket operator in Macau in December 2021.

Reports from the Macau Gaming Industry Employees Home revealed that some staff who worked for Suncity still had not received their salaries and severance pay.

According to a report by Hong Kong media outlet Singtao Headline, in a letter dated June 14, sent from Coloane Prison where he is currently serving his sentence, Chau expressed his apologies to his former employees.

“I just want to say sorry! I am unable to pay the salaries owed to the last group of 1,197 colleagues,” he said, as reported by Macau Business. “If you have not yet registered with the Labour Affairs Bureau, please do so as soon as possible.”

Chau also asserted that he is not driven by greed, stating: “You all know that I don’t care about money and have never amassed any wealth. It’s really ridiculous to say that I am greedy.”

Elsewhere in his letter, Chau expressed his belief in a favorable outcome as he faces prison. He concluded: “I have done what I should do, and the rest is now in the hands of fate. I have always believed in our great nation and that justice and kindness exist in our society”