Philippines: FBM Foundation helps construct new homes for 170 families in Barangay Old Capitol Site

FBM Foundation is supporting the construction of 90 new houses through a donation of materials, in its effort to build a new future for 170 families in Barangay Old Capitol Site, Quezon City in the Philippines.

The foundation notes that the meaningful project counted on the valuable involvement of the Barangay chairman, Rodel Cabigas, and is a social response to the devastating fire that occurred in May and destroyed the houses of several families living in this barangay.

The fire in Barangay Old Capitol Site reached the third alarm, provoking significant damage to the homes of numerous families. After the incident, one of the residents tried to accelerate the reconstruction process by reaching out to the FBM Foundation with a help request. 

FBM Foundation could not ignore the devastating effects of this situation and decided to act and support the well-being of the 170 families affected, with a contribution to the local community that will last through time,” said the humanitarian actions arm of FBM Gaming.

The construction of 90 new houses in Barangay Old Capitol Site counted with 5000 sacks of sinta sand, 5000 sacks of gravel, and 20,000 hollow blocks provided by FBM Foundation. These materials were crucial for the success of the construction project and will help create “safe and comfortable homes for 170 families.”

The groundbreaking ceremony of the construction took place on June 28th at the exact place where the fire started. The first step of the project involved the participation of Rodel Cabigas, Barangay chairman; Pepe Costa, FBM Foundation representative; and a crew of 20 dedicated FBM Foundation volunteers.

The president of Tau Gamma Philcoa Chapter, Arvinjay Tobias, and his team were also fundamental in the kick-off, says FBM Foundation, making possible the delivery of the construction materials.

Speaking about the initiative’s relevance, Vitor Francisco, director at FBM Foundation, said: “This gesture is among the most important actions executed in FBM Foundation’s history. With this donation of materials, we are providing essential resources to make a positive lifetime impact on the lives of 170 families from the Barangay Old Capitol Site.”

The foundation highlighted that this initiative provides “a fresh start” for many families and creates more conditions to ensure “a brighter future for the people in this barangay.” By joining forces and combining resources with other active organizations, the FBM Foundation notes that its efforts go beyond house construction, “instilling hope and presenting opportunities for a happier future in this community.”

“FBM Foundation keeps proving that even the smallest act of kindness can have a significant impact on people’s lives,” the foundation said in a statement. “As the foundation continues to serve communities in need, its legacy of kindness and generosity can inspire others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in the world.”