A guide to the Anjouan gaming license for service providers

As a service provider, you work with a diverse array of iGaming operators licensed in jurisdictions worldwide. While names like Malta, Curacao, Kahnawake, and the Isle of Man may be familiar, have you heard of the Anjouan gaming license? In this article, Ron Mendelson, Fast Offshore, covers all you need to know about it.

In recent months, the number of operators acquiring an Anjouan gaming license has surged, especially since Curacao altered its licensing regime. As Fast Offshore Inc, we assist startups and established iGaming businesses in obtaining this reputable license. This article aims to introduce you to the Anjouan gaming license, explain its acquisition process, highlight the due diligence requirements, and assure you of the license’s credibility and strict standards. 

By working with gaming operators that possess this license, you can have confidence in their compliance and legitimacy.

The Anjouan License: An Established and Credible Choice

While the Anjouan gaming license might not be as widely known as some others, it is a well-established and credible option that offers an innovative solution to all stakeholders in the iGaming world. The license and its framework have been carefully developed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the sector, and we, as facilitators of the license, are committed to conducting comprehensive due diligence on all licensees. Our stringent process ensures that only the most reliable and credible operators obtain our prestigious license.

While previously not widely known, the licensing regime has undergone a streamlining process and it is being recognised as a valid alternative to the Curacao license and many others.

Reasons to Choose the Anjouan License

Numerous operators are increasingly opting for the Anjouan license due to its array of benefits:

  • Legal and Worldwide Recognition: The Anjouan license is legally recognized worldwide, allowing operators to operate with confidence and credibility in various markets.

  • Quick Application Processing Time: The application process for the Anjouan license is efficient, enabling operators to launch their gaming businesses swiftly.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The Anjouan license offers cost-effective fees, making it an attractive option for startups and established operators alike.

  • Versatile License: With the Anjouan license, operators can offer various services and games, streamlining their operations with just one license.

  • International Reach: Anjouan is a member of the World Trade Organisation, giving operators an international presence and access to global markets.

  • Strict Digital Security Measures: The Anjouan Gaming Authority insists on stringent digital security measures and adherence to gaming regulations, ensuring player safety and trust.

  • Viable Alternative to Other Licenses: It serves as a viable alternative to licenses like Curacao or a step up from a Costa Rica iGaming company.

Trusting Operators with an Anjouan License

Without a doubt, you can trust operators with an Anjouan gaming license acquired through us at Fast Offshore. We conduct strict KYC and Due Diligence exercises on all owners and stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability. We obtain police clearance certificates, CVs, and professional references for all stakeholders, ensuring their legitimacy. We also ensure the creation of compliance with underage gaming policies, responsible gaming policies, and player KYC policies. Operators with an Anjouan license adhere to fair gaming requirements, including using certified RNGs or provably fair mechanisms. Our team maintains ongoing collaboration with operators to ensure compliance standards are upheld at all times. Any issues or problems from players or service providers are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Services for Anjouan License Holders

As a service provider, you can extend your services to any operator holding an Anjouan license. When partnering with these license holders, you can expect the same level of compliance, legality, and credibility as you would with any other jurisdiction – whether onshore or offshore. Operators with an Anjouan license can receive services such as a bank account, payment services, game licenses, and other iGaming-related products and services that are regulated or require a valid license.

Transparency and Accountability

At Fast Offshore, we firmly believe in transparency and accountability. We invite you to contact us anytime to verify and validate licenses, URLs, and other relevant information. Your confidence in the Anjouan License is of utmost importance to us, and we want to assure you that we do things properly, adhering to the highest standards. We operate an open-door policy with a spirit of cooperation extended to all stakeholders, not just our licensing partners.


The Anjouan gaming license offers a credible and reliable choice for gaming operators worldwide. By partnering with operators holding this license, you can be confident in their compliance, legitimacy, and adherence to strict standards. As facilitators of the Anjouan license, we at Fast Offshore are committed to ensuring a robust due diligence process and assisting operators in meeting the demands of the iGaming industry. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need more information about the Anjouan Internet Gaming License for yourself or your partners.