FBM Foundation launches relief project in Parañaque City after fire incident

FBM Foundation has made an emergency response in Parañaque City, Manila after a fire incident. On July 8, a devastating episode severely affected Brgy. San Dionisio, leaving numerous families displaced and in urgent need of assistance. Responding promptly to the crisis, the FBM Foundation, in collaboration with 15 dedicated volunteers, initiated the “Bayanihan para sa Kababayan” project on July 26.

Renato Almeida, Director at FBM, along with Amarillo Costa and Ivanery De Lacerda, FBM Foundation Representatives, worked closely with FBM volunteers to provide valuable support in coordinating and delivering additional aid. Joining hands in the relief efforts, Ric Faraon, the Vice President of the Marketing Group and CSR team of PAGCOR, also played an active role in assisting the affected families.

“With the valuable assistance of Joel Co, the Brgy. Kagawad Representative, and other Brgy. officials, their local knowledge and leadership greatly contributed to the success of the FBM Foundation’s relief efforts,” said the foundation, which is the humanitarian actions arm of gaming brand FBM. Together, they aided around 800 affected families, extending support “even to those families situated near the fire site.”

The FBM Foundation assembled relief packages for each family, including essential items such as rice, canned goods, noodles, and hygiene kits. “These provisions were intended to alleviate their nutritional and personal care needs during this challenging period,” FBM Foundation noted.

The collaboration among the volunteers, community members, and the FBM Foundation “showcases the strength and compassion that unite people during times of crisis,” a press statement says.

“Despite the challenges brought about by the fire incident, the community’s resilience, and the unwavering support of the FBM Foundation stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of bayanihan, which continues to illuminate the hearts of the Filipino people,” concluded FBM Foundation.

The “Bayanihan para sa Kababayan” follows other similar humanitarian endeavors FBM Foundation has been carrying out over the year. This includes supporting the construction of 90 new houses through a donation of materials in Barangay Old Capitol Site, Quezon City in the Philippines.

The move followed a fire in Barangay Old Capitol Site that reached the third alarm, provoking significant damage to the homes of numerous families. After the incident, one of the residents tried to accelerate the reconstruction process by reaching out to the FBM Foundation with a help request.