Brazil senator presents proposal to regulate bingo, casinos and ‘jogo do bicho’

The list of amendments to the Provisional Measure 1.182/2023, signed by the Brazilian Executive Power, ended with a total of 244 requests. Among them, those presented by Senator Angelo Coronel, one of the most constant legislators in the requests and defense of the legalization of gambling in Brazil, stand out.

Coronel presented a total of nine amendments, two of them explicitly dedicated to requesting the repeal of the Law of Criminal Contraventions and the liberation of gambling in Brazil.

In the case of the senator’s amendment number 223, he specifically proposes the termination of article 50 of the Criminal Contravention Law so that ‘jogo do bicho’ is no longer prohibited in Brazil.

This game is a popular betting system that is currently considered a crime in the country. “This type of game is nothing more than a lottery and is very well known and practiced in Brazil. I believe that by regulating the sector we are going to have a great gain in income and take a socially accepted activity out of illegality,” Coronel noted.

“This discussion is already in the Supreme Federal Court (STF). The Provisional Measure is the opportunity that Congress has to legislate on the subject, that is our role,” the senator said to CNN.

According to this law, gambling is currently considered a criminal offense, with penalties of up to one year in jail, plus a fine.

It is opportune, therefore, that the National Congress seizes the moment and takes a position on this issue, removing from our legal system a legal provision that contradicts a practice widely known and accepted by society. With this development, our criminal legislation will be adapted to the daily reality of Brazilians and it will be possible to quickly regulate this other economic activity with strong potential to generate income,” said the senator about the ‘jogo do bicho’.

Coronel’s other amendment, number 224, seeks to authorize games of chance, such as bingo, casinos, and betting. According to the text, the operation of casinos would be exclusively in tourist centers, as a type of attraction. “The approval of these amendments is difficult and will depend on the congressmen. But it is important to remember that Brazil is losing a lot of revenue by not approving these games,” he argued.

“According to the revenue forecast, if the Federal Government projects profits from sports betting in the order of BRL 2 billion (420 million) already in 2024, the estimates with the regulation of other forms of games and with the implementation of casinos will raise this projection to tens of billions, taking into account the potential impact of the sector on the GDP and having as reference countries such as Italy”, Coronel concluded.