Uplatform: “We see the future of the European iGaming market in the transparent, heavily regulated process in place”

Gathering a record 7,229 unique attendees at RAI Amsterdam, iGB L!VE’s latest edition, held July 11-14, marked the perfect occasion to see what’s new in the iGaming industry, gain valuable insights on the future of the sector and network with other like-minded stakeholders. For all these reasons, companies from all over the world were eager to return to the expo, Uplatform being one of them.

The platform provider participated in the event with a vibrant booth that not only successfully showcased its products and solutions but also fostered networking and thrilled guests with games and a hangout spot that served bubble tea. In a relaxed setting, attendees were invited to explore Uplatform’s flagship offerings, including its Sportsbook iframe; and Ucasino, its Casino Aggregator.

To catch up with Uplatform following iGB L!VE!, Yogonet held an exclusive interview with Nelli Melik, the company’s Head of Sales. In this Q&A, Melik shares her insights on the European iGaming industry, the importance of sector events and how regulation and new technologies hitting the market are affecting the gambling space.

What is the present status of the European iGaming and sports betting market, and what are the most significant challenges confronting operators within this market?

The European iGaming scene has always been relatively challenging from several perspectives, and recent research shows that an increasing number of European players claim to suffer from gambling addiction. We see the future of the market in the transparent, heavily regulated processes in place for both B2B and B2C operations

One of the most significant challenges is remaining compliant with the constantly changing regulatory landscape. The second critical factor for a successful operation is establishing a recognizable and trustworthy brand with a unique approach, and Uplatform seamlessly beats this challenge.

How has the regulatory landscape in Europe impacted the iGaming and sports betting industry? And what can you tell us about the influence new technology has on iGaming?

With every challenge in the industry lies an opportunity for growth. More companies established cooperation with KYC and AML service providers to comply with the regulatory changes, creating a better understanding of the topic and implementing the best practices. 

Just as it has influenced other industries, the impact of technology is evident in various aspects of our lives. Already, products like fantasy sports and esports are becoming regular. At the same time, NFTs and virtual reality are rapidly making their way into the industry, a somewhat expected development given the era of technological overconsumption.

How does Uplatform set itself apart from other iGaming and sports betting platform providers?

We have a client-centric approach, so when we start a process or new product development, we ask ourselves, “How will our partners benefit from the change?”. And that helped us create and maintain a stable, structured cooperation model where both parties win. 

How has Uplatform’s participation at IGB Amsterdam helped the company to grow its presence in the European market? How important is networking at events such as this one?

The majority of the European iGaming network is already familiar with us and our operations. iGB Amsterdam provided an excellent platform for us to engage with our esteemed partners, strengthen our connections, and indulge in high-class networking events.

I wouldn’t say that networking events are where we sign the contracts, but it surely does create more connection and trust with industry professionals. A less formal setting makes it easier to open up, and we are all humans who need to relax, after all. 

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to enter Europe’s iGaming and sports betting industry?

Save yourself the hassle and ensure compliance with regulatory changes and market trends by contacting Uplatform for a comprehensive, one-stop solution. Save yourself some time!