Zitro “fully supports” Clarion’s decision to relocate ICE from London to Barcelona

In a major shift for the gaming industry, Clarion, the organizer of ICE London, announced last week the relocation of the renowned gaming exhibition from its long-standing venue in London to Barcelona. This decision has garnered swift support from Sebastian Salat, International President at casino equipment provider Zitro.

Sebastian Salat stated: “Over the years, ICE London has established itself as a resounding success in the gaming industry, gathering leaders, suppliers, operators, and gaming professionals from around the globe.”

He acknowledged the event’s evolution into Europe’s most important tradeshow and its pivotal role in fostering business relationships and driving global expansion for companies.

Sebastian Salat, the International President at Zitro

However, Salat also highlighted challenges that emerged alongside ICE’s growth. “A good number of exhibitors, including Zitro, have realized significant challenges such as insufficient space venue for future growth, logistic complexities, and extremely high costs,” he said. He further mentioned that these concerns were communicated to Clarion, which held a bid process that crowned Barcelona as the new host city.

Backing the decision to relocate ICE to Barcelona, Salat asserted: “We fully support Clarion’s announcement to relocate ICE to the vibrant City of Barcelona, a destination we firmly believe is perfectly equipped to host the future editions of ICE.”

We believe this move will be a major step in helping both ICE and the Industry to grow in partnership with the European gaming market,” added Salat. “It will also increase the global dimension of ICE, as moving ICE to Spain will undoubtedly draw a higher number of Latin American operators, due to emotional and cultural links between Spain and Latin American countries”.

Spain’s robust presence in both land-based and online gaming markets makes Barcelona an ideal host city, Zitro points out. In addition, Barcelona’s appeal as one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe adds an extra layer of attraction to the event, alongside its world-class facilities, outstanding hospitality infrastructure, and logistics.

Salat’s endorsement of Clarion’s move to relocate ICE follows similar words of support expressed by the European Casino Association last week. “This move aligns well with our longstanding partnership with Clarion Gaming, which we highly value and believe will further enhance the interests of the European casino industry,” said ECA Chair Erwin van Lambaart.