PayBrokers chosen as one of the top 10 payment and card solutions providers in Latin America

International payment solutions company Paybrokers has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Payment and Card Solutions Providers in Latin America in 2023 in the Financial Services Review’s most recent¬†‘Payments and Cards’ edition.

The international business and technology magazine highlighted PayBrokers’ service as a payment service provider that enables international merchants to seamlessly receive and withdraw payments in the Brazilian market.

“PayBrokers’ platform enables international merchants to withdraw and deposit funds via credit card or other payment methods without going through bureaucratic formalities. It complies with stringent global security standards and BACEN regulations, ensuring clients experience safe payment processes,” according to the above-mentioned media.

“The stable platform, which operates seamlessly despite the frequent materialization of challenges like the country’s financial instability, has garnered the industry’s attention. Its flexibility to integrate additional payment-related technologies to its platform based on client requirements ensures that it can provide uninterrupted payment experiences,” the text further added.

The firm also facilitates transactions made in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to settle cross-border payments where international clients face difficulties receiving funds from Brazil.

“Our solutions help international businesses to capture more of the rich Brazilian market without incurring massive charges per transaction,” said Edson Lenzi, Director of PayBrokers.

To ensure that foreign merchants and the Brazilian public are free from fraudulent activities and chargebacks when settling payments, PayBrokers performs a system verification to confirm their authenticity and identity. Its expertise in fraud detection, dispute resolution, and chargebacks has resulted in 0.001 percent of failed transactions.

More than 400 international merchants have adopted PayBrokers API to process their payments in Brazil. Gaming companies and international sports betting operators are primary clients that use PayBroker’s API to conduct secure and easy payments.

Furthermore, its existing pool of 250 thousand customers using the platform for personal transactions “makes PayBrokers and Pix the apt solutions for international companies to capitalize on to explore Brazil’s rich and growing economy,” the text concluded.