STS launches new marketing campaign focused on “smart betting”

Polish sports betting operator STS has launched a new marketing campaign entitled “I Love Sport. I Bet Smart.” The communication strategy follows the general theme of “an emotional attitude to sports, which should be associated with smart betting,” encouraging sports fans to “bet smart and prudently.”

There are two dimensions to betting smart here – one, in which you are not guided by your emotions, and the other, which tells you how to monetize your knowledge in a clever way and use the tools offered by STS to do so,” the operator explained the new campaign.

The brand’s 360 campaign involves a number of “spots”: image-building, sponsors and product spots. The company says the strategy was created “assuming that every fan has a favorite team or player,” which leads to “a very emotional attitude to sports.”

However, when it comes to making choices, instead of one’s belief and one’s heart, STS says “wisdom and prudence” are the key factors on the way to achieving the “best possible results,” which it is aiming to highlight through this new campaign.

“Over the past years, we have successfully demonstrated that with sports knowledge and the right tools provided by STS, you are ready to win. We are now going one step further,” said Paweł Rabantek, Chief Marketing Officer at STS Group.

In our latest campaign, we are presenting bettors as people who love sport. And at the same time, they know that in order to win, you shouldn’t be driven solely by emotions. The love of sports and smart betting complement each other. We are showing that rational thinking in sports is just as important as in everyday life. That is why we are encouraging sports fans to bet smart and prudently.”

The campaign kicked off on August 24 and will cover major online portals, including social media platforms, VOD and television. Marketing activities include 30-second spots, 15-second versions and display formats for online activities.

Communication will also include activity on social media, betting venues and sports venues of STS-sponsored teams, added the operator, noting materials have also been placed on a landing page prepared for the campaign. 

The Pomysły agency was responsible for the creation of the campaign, and the Zenith media house dealed with television purchases. The spots were prepared by the production house Szut Szut Studio, and directed by Bartosz Dombrowski. 

STS Group is one of the largest bookmakers in Central Europe and the market leader in Poland, with a network of approx. 400 retail betting shops across the country. The company is the official sponsor of the Polish national football team, the sponsor of Polish champions Raków Częstochowa, the main sponsor of Jagiellonia Białystok, Korona Kielce, GKS Katowice and the official bookmaker of Widzew Łódź, Zagłębie Lubin, Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała as well as other clubs and sports associations.