Las Vegas Strip’s Circus Circus unveils new exterior design

Las Vegas’ Circus Circus Hotel and Casino has unveiled its new exterior design. Located on the famous strip, the historic building recently reimagined its signature tent-inspired roof and revitalized its vivid coloring.

The update project was completed by women-owned Las Vegas Valley roofing contractor Commercial Roofers, using products from roofing and waterproofing manufacturer GAF.

An iconic Las Vegas landmark since its opening in 1968 and one the largest family-friendly resorts in Sin City, Circus Circus is well-known for its roof, shaped like a circus tent. This provided a technical challenge that required extensive planning for safety, design and structure when undertaking the exterior’s update.

After years in the desert sun, the roof and its iconic pink and white colors faded – requiring a solution that would not only repair the steep and unique roof, but also revitalize the vibrant colors of the signature tent.

Commercial Roofers stepped in to revamp its outer design, utilizing GAF’s coating products to create custom colors to match the original vivid hues such as Exuberant Pink. The contractor was able to deliver a new roof to revitalize the circus exterior.

GAF products applied include GAF Barrier Guard, GAF Unibase Primer, GAF High-Tensile Acrylic Topcoat and finally, the GAF Kymax Coatings in exuberant pink and white to match the Circus Circus signature colors.

These products ensured a long-lasting, fade-resistant, robust coating that withstand extreme heat, wind, and weather conditions – all scenarios that Circus Circus’ roof must endure in their location,” GAF said of the project.

Circus Circus’ Adventuredome celebrates 30th anniversary

The exterior design update also comes as Circus Circus Resort’s Adventuredome celebrates its 30th anniversary. From its inception on August 23, 1993, the Adventuredome has blazed a trail for family-friendly rides on the Las Vegas strip.

Originally known as Grand Slam Canyon, the park opened its doors with just four rides. Over the years, it has evolved into a playground of adventure, with its most iconic attraction being the Canyon Blaster roller coaster.

The Adventuredome temporarily closed its doors just a year after its opening to cater to the demand of its guests. This eventually led to the indoor park seeing a steady trend of expansion that saw one to two new rides being added every year.

The park sees over a million visitors annually. In the last three years alone, the park has introduced five new rides with a diverse collection of 25 rides spanning across five acres.

“It really fun for us, we’ve been here now for 30 years. We have been able to provide family-friendly rides for everybody,” said Senior Vice President of Operations Shana Gerety. “Whether you’re a little kid or a grown-up adult, it doesn’t matter. There is a little bit of something here for everybody.”