4 must-have AI features for online casinos

Will AI completely transform our world? What unbelievable advantages can it give us in the future? And what about online casinos? Which must-have features do online casinos need to have today for sparkling growth? Slotegrator shares its vision. 

According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the value of the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is nearly $100 billion. And it is expected to grow twentyfold (up to nearly two trillion dollars) by 2030.

The ubiquity of AI sets new standards and creates new ways of handling information. This situation may generate new data storage formats and transform different industries in general. The iGaming industry is no exception. For online casinos, it is a crucial fact because the data here is all. 

While the industry is setting new AI standards, it is important to understand exactly what needs to be integrated now from the AI sector. Slotegrator experts emphasize 4 must-have AI features that should be implemented into the modern online casino solution: 

  • KYC process acceleration. KYC procedures are implemented to protect the player’s identity. AI elements help to strengthen this feature and to reinforce the security of this process. AI will do an identification procedure several times faster and more accurately than a human. The chance of error is minimized because the human factor is eliminated, and only specific data are used for verification. It’s a mutually beneficial feature for both: the player at the entry stage and the online casino operator as a platform advantage. 

  • Smart feedback. Today we appreciate a lightning-fast response to our queries in every aspect of our lives. For the iGaming industry, it is extremely important to clarify difficult things thus showing concern and attention to the player. ChatGPT integration can make this process even faster and make communication alive. New versions of the ChatGPT are released quite quickly, – that means that the AI develops just as quickly, and the tool itself is getting smarter and more useful.

  • Instant threat and fraud identification. In addition to AI, the field of fraud is developing just as rapidly. There are plenty of ideas, schemes and tools that make online casinos take care of security on a par with the state authorities. Humanity loses in a ‘battle’ with artificial intelligence: time-consuming monitoring and vulnerability detection are done by AI faster, more successfully, and more accurately. Moreover, AI has the ability to continually learn and adapt to new threats. Rather than having to update existing software, AI in casino security will be able to automatically teach itself in real time.

  • Comprehensive reports and verified data. Previously, in order to receive a report from the business intelligence department, you had to wait from one to several months. Today you just need to press one button on the platform and you will know the key analytical data about official competitors, and world market changes for strategic decisions. As a case, Slotegrator’s turnkey online casino solution’s users can have quick access to this data with the help of the updated BI (business intelligence) module. It is transformed into an Artificial BI module. Now it allows operators to compare indicators and profitability of their projects with others that operate in the same market in seconds.  

‘A work with AI is breathtaking. While working on improving one option, we recognize other benefits in parallel and find opportunities that we convert into digital solutions for online casinos. Slotegrator’s clients already receive a ready-made business solution with benefits. The world of iGaming is currently undergoing a process akin to the exploration of a new planet. Behind this lies a truly enormous future and impressive opportunities for the development of the industry as a whole’, says Dmytro Taran, COO at Slotegrator.