PointsBet slapped with $25,000 fine for New Jersey sports betting violations

Sports betting operator¬†PointsBet has been fined $25,000 by New Jersey gambling regulators for three separate violations of the state’s sports betting laws.

The violations, as outlined on the state Division of Gaming Enforcement’s website, include PointsBet accepting “pre-match” bets in August 2021 on games that had already commenced, The Associated Press reported.

All five bets in question came from a single customer, who wagered $13,500 and received $28,275. Upon discovering the error, the bets were voided, and the customer’s initial bets were refunded.

PointsBet admitted to regulators of lacking an automated process for reviewing the accuracy and timeliness of published markets. The company cited the sheer volume of matches it offers as a reason, stating that it is impractical to check and verify each event and market available for wagering. The operator attributed the problem to “an unresolved communication issue” with a third-party data feed provider.

In another incident, PointsBet accepted bets on March 25, 2022, for the St. Peter’s men’s basketball team, despite the team being ineligible for betting in New Jersey. The market for these bets was live for 55 minutes, with two individuals placing a total of $60 in bets, both of which were subsequently canceled. As per the gaming enforcement division, PointsBet attributed this mistake to human error.

Lastly, on October 29, 2021, the company offered bets on a “League of Legends” esports competition in which one player was 17 years old while the legal minimum age was 18. Four bets totaling $1,225 were accepted but later voided. PointsBet indicated that it had not initially verified the age of competitors before listing the video game event for betting but had since implemented a process to address this oversight, the AP report said.