FeedConstruct expands content offering with extended Czech Handball partnership

Sports data provider FeedConstruct has announced the extension of its partnership with the Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague. The company says that the extended partnership comes with a significant expansion of content offerings, “enriching the handball experience for fans worldwide.”

Under the agreement, besides Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague, FeedConstruct will now also cover Czech Handball Men’s Cup and Women’s Cup matches, starting from the quarter-final stage of these tournaments. This promises to bring “more thrilling handball action and insights,” according to the supplier.

An overview of the key details:

  • Tournament Schedule: The Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague runs from August 31 to May, while the Czech Handball Men’s Cup and Women’s Cup take place from September to March.
  • Exclusive Coverage: FeedConstruct will hold the exclusive data coverage rights for the Czech Handball Men’s Extraleague and both video and data rights for the Czech Handball Men’s Cup and Women’s Cup.
  • Number of Teams: The Men’s Extraleague features 13 teams, while the Men’s and Women’s Cups include 8 teams each from the quarter-final round.
  • Extensive Match Coverage: The upcoming season will witness a lineup of over 200 matches for the Men’s Extraleague and a total of 14 matches for the Men’s and Women’s Cups.

The deal comes as Czech Handball gets ready for the 2023/24 season, which promises some intense competitions as teams are not only trying to win local championships but also looking to qualify for international tournaments like the EHF Europa League and European Cup. 

The men’s competitions will include players like Talent Plzen, the current champion, and HCB Karviná, who has won 12 times. In the women’s matches, Slavia Prague will challenge Banik Most, the three-time CZ Handball Women’s Cup winner.

“It’s going to be an exciting season with lots of competition! With this partnership prolongation and expanded content, FeedConstruct looks forward to delivering an enhanced and immersive handball experience,” the supplier stated.