Blockchain-based digital horse racing platform Zed Run to launch new betting channel

Blockchain-based virtual horse racing platform Zed Run has announced the launch of a sports wagering channel, which it claims will “revolutionize the world of digital sports.”

This pioneering venture, set against the rapidly evolving backdrop of online wagering, opens the door for operators in North America and beyond to collaborate in this monumental advancement,” says the platform. “This innovative and daring new channel will shake up the global sports-wagering landscape.”

Zed Run says that it will work with a network of operators in North America and other regulated markets worldwide, allowing them to provide customers with a chance to wager on “uniquely exciting digital horse races.”

The platform provides horse racing enthusiasts with the opportunity to purchase and race their very own digital racehorses; which Zed Run calls “an evolution of what the virtual sports market offers today.”

The new channel aims to provide them with the ability to bet on the outcomes of these races. It promises to deliver an “immersive” sports wagering experience, using blockchain technology to place the user “at the heart of the action” while ensuring transparency and security.

The company further says that the channel will provide operators with between 4,000 to 20,000 user-generated races daily for their customers to wager on. Statistics and data are at the center of these races, with players able to analyze the previous form of a racehorse, their lineage, DNA, and more to make strategic decisions on which horses to bet on. 

“This provides a sports-wagering experience unlike anything else on the North American sports betting market. It provides API data feeds, 3D video streams, and probability data to help operators calculate odds and provide the best possible service to their customers,” says Zed Run. “This is not just another product launch from ZED RUN; it is a paradigm shift.”

Rob Salha, Co-Founder of Zed Run, said: “At Zed Run, we are always looking to push the boundaries, and the launch of our new channel is one of our most exciting developments to date. We want to introduce a new type of horse racing to users in North America, one that is not restricted by time and location or a game of chance controlled by an algorithm.”

He added: “The channel allows us to work side-by-side with operators in regulated markets, giving them the option to be a part of the movement with us. It is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of what we believe is the future of sports wagering.”