SOFTSWISS Casino Platform launches referral system aimed at reducing player acquisition costs

iGaming and online casino software solutions provider SOFTSWISS has launched a referral system for its Casino Platform, which the company says is designed to address two key objectives. Firstly, it assists operators in reducing player acquisition costs; and secondly, it empowers them to maximize potential revenue, leveraging existing user bases to attract new players.

SOFTSWISS notes that with the referral system implementation, operators gain full control over referral bonus rules and the ability to determine the size of the invitation rewards, allowing them to create reasonable conditions for attracting new audiences. From the players’ perspective, the referral system operates through a user-friendly algorithm that involves five simple steps to refer a new player. 

To activate the referral system, inviters need to follow these steps: 

  • Create a link. 
  • Send it out.
  • Fulfill referral conditions. 
  • Claim the reward. 
  • Reap the results.

The Casino Platform Referral System is tailored to cultivate a strong community and promote player loyalty, encouraging gamblers to stay engaged and continue playing on the operator’s platform,” says SOFTSWISS. “The absence of reward limits serves as an enticing incentive for existing users to actively invite more participants, maximizing their potential rewards and sustaining a continuous inflow of new referrals.”

Additionally, the system promises trackable statistics that enable inviters to monitor their performance, track their invitees’ progress, and stay enthusiastic about fulfilling the conditions for claiming invitation rewards.

Daria Avtukhovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, commented: “Implementing such a cost-efficient marketing tool into the Casino Platform is a great step forward in helping our partners to increase their player base. Moreover, referred users usually exhibit higher conversion rates, leading to increased lifetime value and stronger brand advocacy.”

By tapping into social proof, referral systems expand brand reach and positively impact player retention while fostering enhanced engagement. The Referral System solidifies the SOFTSWISS commitment to providing innovative solutions for its partners and enhancing the overall gaming experience.”

SOFTSWISS further noted that the casino platform has recently obtained GLI-33 certification, which, as per the company, “serves as a testament to its exceptional performance” and also paves the way for entry into new regulated markets. Among the latest updates, it is worth mentioning the ‘Super Casino’ design template that enables the creation of a unique frontend design up to three times faster than before.