Skilrock: “The lottery sector in LatAm is changing, opening new opportunities for business expansion in the region”

Lottery and gaming solutions provider Skilrock Technologies has confirmed its participation in the CIBELAE Congress 2023, to be held in the Altis Grand Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, November 19 – 22.

Ahead of the event, Yogonet held an exclusive video interview with Carlos Contreras Pardo, Project Manager for LatAm, Skilrock Technologies, to discuss what products and solutions the company will showcase at Stand 4 during the congress. Additionally, Contreras Pardo discussed the state of gaming and lottery in the Latin America region and the company’s plans for expansion in this market.

What are the company’s plans for this event and what are their expectations for networking and discussions with other industry members?

For this edition, we are coming up with online solutions for the world of lottery and gambling. We know that the lottery sector is changing in Latin America, which opens up new challenges and opportunities, making it a time to expand our business in the region.

We are committed to all of our current customers in the Latin American market, as we have a regional office and a team specifically designated for their needs. This contributes greatly to our unique value proposition and provides solutions adapted to the region.

Skilrock also aims to take advantage of this event to foster new collaborations and partnerships, as one of the main goals is to exchange knowledge and strengthen positions within the gaming market in the region. We hope that this will be an incredible exhibition for both those attending Cibelae and for us.

Skilrock has been a Cibelae associate member since 2015. What opportunities has this given the company and why is the status of being a Gold Associate Member of the Ibero-American Corporation so important?

Throughout its existence, Cibelae has organized events for the benefit of gaming in Latin America. It goes without saying that this is also a vision that we share at Skilrock since we also work to build a responsible gaming industry. We know that it is a growing industry that needs to be sustainable and innovative.

The Gold membership is also extremely important to us in the sense that it offers us multiple ways to strengthen our presence in the region. And we do this through “premium” opportunities, in terms of collaboration, networking, learning about tenders, and having partnerships that effectively align with our commercial strategy for Latin America.

This membership also highlights Skilrock’s visibility at Cibelae events, where we have the opportunity to connect with people directly from the industry and from various backgrounds. Most importantly, this presence acts as a catalyst for understanding the needs of Latin America. It allows us, through networking, to specifically know what customers need and ultimately to contribute to the growth of the region.

Could you give us a general overview of the products that Skilrock will exhibit at the congress?

The solutions are broken down into three parts. The first is paper solutions. We will show a full range of services to meet the needs of the paper lottery operator. These solutions are highly customizable.

This is divided into segments. One is the lottery manager, a perfect addition to existing lotteries that offers an incredible range of benefits that minimizes the investment in technology and employee training. In turn, it provides live sales reports, inventory management, and safe ticket validation, and optimizes the business for high efficiency.

We also have solutions on POS devices, which allow us to operate end-to-end in any retail. Operators can choose from a wide variety of handheld devices: kiosks, fixed points, or self-service terminals. In addition, we have iLottery, which are solutions that allow the operator to have an attractive channel in mobile sales and on the web. We offer compatibility with multiple languages and integrations with third parties based on APIs.

Second, we have scratch tickets that include a complete instant lottery platform, where you can manage inventory, personalize the user, access reports based on real-time sales analysis, as well as a variety of security features that are essential for this type of solution.

Finally, we will unveil our most revolutionary solution called Scan-n-Play, which benefits both the player and the retailer. It is an excellent option to strengthen operations, as it offers ease of play without the need to register. It is carried out through the Skilrock Infinity gaming platform: you scan a QR code and it takes you to a gaming platform where you can interact intuitively, it is easy to play, and very attractive to the end user.

Customization can often make a difference. How does Skilrock specifically approach the customization of its products for the Latin American region? And what role does the regional office in LatAm play in informing decisions for this market?

At Skilrock, we believe that customizable solutions for Latin America are essential. We have seen successful cases with our customers where personalizing a game with the culture of the region has led to very good sales.

I reiterate the importance of understanding the local market and localizing the game, and of understanding the needs of the customer at that time. We also understand that there is a niche of players who are 4.0 players, to give them a name, focused on their screens and on the development of their applications. That’s why we are focused on being able to bring all these types of games that you can find in a kiosk or in a retail context to a mobile solution focused on localized games.

As for the regional office, it is very important because it has allowed us to have local staff who can identify solutions and requirements that are specific to Latin America; that is, a person who speaks the language and understands the requirements and regulations that are so broad and varied. In this region, each country has its own customs, its own regulations, its own jurisdictions.

The office allows us to understand, expand, and position ourselves in the region. We have been talking to many jurisdictions within Latin America, providing our solutions and even offering learning opportunities with a webinar we held on paper lottery versus digital.

What do you consider to be the main challenges of the Latin American industry and how are you equipped to face these challenges?

As a global company, we bring the best practices to Latin America. These involve the entire life cycle of a lottery. We focus on providing good practices for every aspect of the product, from design and development to even the prizes they can give.

All of this experience we have in the international market is being provided for Latin America, in order to strengthen it in all our processes. We understand that it is a new market, but new in terms of technology, because people have always bought their lottery products, always played their scratch and win, their lucky number.

We are offering the best practices in security, standards, qualification, product development and products developed to meet the needs of the customer. What we do is strengthen the best practices globally combined with the customization of the customer to obtain a product of great value for the operator and obviously for the end user.

The slogan of this year’s Cibelae Congress is “Responsible players make good bets.” How does Skilrock address the growing call for more responsible gambling through its products and solutions? 

For Skilrock, responsible gambling is very important. It is also one of our mottos and we have multiple technological developments with this in mind. For example, as a technology provider, we can limit the use for players when some type of gambling addiction is identified. We do this through real-time statistics and data collection; all of this information that the platform provides us is used to promote responsible gambling. It is also a job that goes hand in hand with the local operator because they are the ones who have part of the responsible gambling regulation.

What we do is integrate the best practices of responsible gambling worldwide – all the journey we have made of responsible gambling best practices – with the legislation or regulations of each region of Latin America and thus be able to achieve responsible gambling that contains protection for the user, protection of personal data, that has the ability to identify the possible risks of gambling addiction. That is why our motto is also to have responsible gambling for responsible players.