Executive Director Sean Pattwell to depart New Jersey’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority

The New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) could see the departure of its executive director, Sean Pattwell, as he seeks new opportunities in the private sector, local media reports indicate.

The executive director’s exit is expected before the year ends, although the exact timeline remains uncertain, people familiar with the situation told ROI-NJPatwell stepped into his role in April 2022, replacing the former director, Matt Doherty, bringing with him an extensive background in the insurance industry.

Prior to joining CRDA, Pattwell had a significant career in the insurance sector both domestically and internationally, serving as co-CEO of Herbert L. Jamison & Co. and as the founding chairman of Grosvenor Brokers in London, England.

While the specific direction Pattwell will take in the private sector remains unknown, CRDA has already initiated discussions about his successor, according to local media. The appointment will be made by Governor Phil Murphy.

Pattwell’s approach has drawn attention due to his limited public presence. Declining multiple interview requests and rarely speaking at CRDA Board of Directors meetings, Pattwell has maintained a low profile within the organization.

This recent development reportedly comes as a surprise to some board members, with Pattwell’s departure seemingly unforeseen during his recent attendance at an in-person meeting. During the latest reunion, he did not make any indications about plans to leave the authority.

The announcement of Pattwell’s appointment was endorsed by Governor Murphy, who at the time expressed confidence in Pattwell’s ability to steer CRDA through the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the search for Pattwell’s replacement begins, the CRDA board will have a role in the appointment, but the Governor’s Office will have a significant say in the final decision, mirroring the circumstances surrounding Pattwell’s initial appointment.

His salary as executive director was reported at $175,000, according to state records. His biography on the CRDA website highlights educational achievements including multiple master’s degrees and an ongoing pursuit of a fourth degree in literature at Harvard University.