PayBrokers highlighted its commitment to safe and responsible gambling at Mercosur iGaming Summit

PayBrokers, a payment company specializing in the betting and gaming sector, participated in the Mercosur iGaming Summit (MIS) in Porto Alegre (RS). The event was held on November 28 and brought together authorities, experts, and executives from Brazil and the region.

“MIS was an exceptional event, which was attended by key companies and people in the market. There were several discussions that showed the importance of regulation and the various challenges that the sector will face in the future. PayBrokers showed the importance of always being at the forefront of regulation, adopting best practices, and working together with operators to create a safe environment for users,” said Ricardo Feijó, Legal Director of PayBrokers, as reported by BNLData.

Mercosur iGaming Summit

The company has launched the e-book ‘The Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming’, which covers topics such as training, bettor awareness, the advertising code, and transparency in the sector.

The material has been created to fill a ‘gap’ that PayBrokers said it had identified. “The experience of the world’s major gambling and betting markets shows that the operation of these activities must always go hand in hand with responsible gambling. Despite the importance of the subject, there is little material explaining what responsible gaming is and how to apply it,” says an excerpt from the e-book produced by Feijó.

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