Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos boost North Carolina’s economy in FY 2023

Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos reported a significant economic impact in North Carolina over the past year, substantially contributing to the state’s development. Attracting both local and outside visitors, the casinos generated considerable revenue and boosted employment, tourism, and local economic activity, according to a report.

In the fiscal year 2023, Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos presented the following economic figures:

  • Social contributions of $206,967,215: Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos contributed over $200 million to the local community, surpassing the average social contributions per revenue dollar compared to other businesses in North Carolina.
  • Wages and compensations of $129,334,808 (excluding benefits): Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos offered wages above the state’s minimum for hourly positions. Additionally, all employees have access to the tuition/certification reimbursement program and career growth opportunities within Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos.
  • Total payments to goods/services suppliers of $177,100,000: Harrah’s says it prioritizes using local suppliers, directly contributing to the economies of the counties in which they are located.
  • Over 4.2 million total visitors: The casinos are a significant tourism hub, annually attracting millions of visitors who benefit local hotels, restaurants, and shops.
  • Donations of over $1 million to local non-profit organizations: Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos offered local non-profits a million dollars in the past year through the support of events, donations and contributions from casino guests and employees, including WNC Communities, MANNA, Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation and NC Senior Games.