Veikkaus extends identification requirements to all gaming channels

Finnish government-owned betting agency Veikkaus is now enforcing identification measures across all digital and physical gaming platforms. This move positions Veikkaus as the world’s first gaming entity to mandate identification across its entire spectrum of games, as per a press statement.

According to Susanna Saikkonen, Veikkaus’ director of responsibility, this initiative is rooted in the Lotteries Act that came into effect in 2021.

The purpose behind mandatory identification encompasses multifaceted objectives, including the mitigation of gaming-related adversities, streamlined age verification procedures, and the establishment of a secure gaming environment.

Moreover, the identification system enables the efficient identification of high-risk gambling patterns through comprehensive data analysis, allowing timely interventions.

“When the customer can play only with identification, it is possible for them to track their total playing from the game history. At the turn of the year, scratch cards also came under the annual loss limit and game suspensions,” Saikkonen explained.

The mechanism for identification remains consistent with the existing method utilized in coupon games. Players seeking to purchase scratch cards can identify themselves using various documents, including the Veikkaus card, a driver’s license, personal identification, the Kela card, or a mobile card available within the Veikkaus application.

However, despite the identification requirement, the redemption process for lottery winnings maintains its traditional approach. Winners must present the original scratch card to claim their winnings, which are not directly transferred to their gaming or bank accounts.

Ville Venojärvi, the head of lottery games at Veikkaus, highlights this aspect, as although identification is now mandatory for scratch card purchases, the redemption process aligns with conventional procedures. Winnings are only unveiled upon scratching the card, and identification details must be presented during redemption at any Veikkaus game sales point.

The recent Christmas season witnessed raffles maintaining their popularity as gift items. Venojärvi noted: “The raffle sale last Christmas was quite in line with expectations. Even though lotteries purchased in 2023 can be redeemed without identification until the end of 2024, there was no evidence that lotteries were purchased for storage”

Moreover, the advent of the new year introduced an enhanced supplementary lottery for scratch cards. Identified ticket holders can participate in an additional daily draw at any sales outlet where there is no initial win. The supplementary draw offers five prizes of one thousand euros each, adding a layer to the gaming experience for players.