Prague Gaming & Tech Summit unveils agenda with focus on latest industry trends and challenges

The Prague Gaming and Tech Summit, a betting and gaming industry conference aimed at the Central and Eastern Europe market organized by media and events platform Hipther Agency, has released the final agenda for the event.

The agenda shows a lineup of panel discussions delving into the latest trends and challenges in the gaming and technology sectors. “The summit is poised to be a hub for industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore a variety of topics ranging from regulatory compliance to advancements in AI and blockchain technology,” according to the organizers.  

Key Panel Discussions

  • Gambling Industry Spotlight: Czech Republic
    A deep dive into the Czech Republic’s gambling landscape, discussing regulatory updates, market trends, and technological advancements.
  • Engineering Excellence with Artur Ashyrov
    An exclusive session with Artur Ashyrov, CTO of GR8 Tech, focusing on cutting-edge technology development in software engineering.
  • Advancing Sustainable Tech
    This panel explores the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in technology development.
  • Gaming & TECH Updates from the Nordics
    A discussion on the innovative and fast-evolving Nordic tech scene, with a focus on iGaming and blockchain technology.
  • Fireside Chat with Planzer Law
    Dr. Simon Planzer hosts a session offering relaxed yet profound insights into the gambling industry.
  • Decoding Licensing vs. Certification in Professional Pathways
    An informative session designed to clarify the distinctions between licensing and certification.
  • IMGL Masterclass: Safeguarding the Digital Arena
    A comprehensive look at mental health, data privacy, and cybersecurity within the gaming ecosystem.
  • The Future of Fair Play: Innovating Responsible Gambling Practices
    A crucial panel discussion exploring the evolving landscape of responsible gambling.
  • Exploring the Fusion of AR, VR, and XR: Unveiling the Immersive Frontier
    A comprehensive exploration of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR) technologies.
  • AI Revolution: Reshaping Gaming and Technology
    A panel discussing the transformative role of AI in gaming and tech industries.
  • Beyond Human Boundaries with ChatGPT
    A session focusing on the capabilities and applications of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in various industries.
  • Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy
    A forward-looking discussion on the intersection of digital gaming, AI, fintech, and advertising sectors.
  • Frontier Markets: Exploring Gambling Evolution in CEE’s Growth Economies
    A panel that offers a deep dive into the burgeoning gambling sectors of Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania.
  • Cyber Resilience: Best Practices in a Digital World
    Leading experts in cybersecurity will delve into the critical topic of building and maintaining resilience against an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, with a special emphasis on the fintech sector.
  • Strategic Horizons: The Future of Gambling in Central & Eastern Europe
    This comprehensive discussion will focus on Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia, dissecting the emerging trends, regulatory landscapes, and strategic approaches shaping the future of the gambling industry in these nations.
  • Compliance Challenges and Opportunities in the Balkan Gambling Industry
    This insightful session focuses on the evolving landscape of online gambling regulations within the Balkans, highlighting key countries like Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy
    Industry leaders and experts will come together to explore the intersection of rapidly evolving digital gaming, artificial intelligence, financial technology, and advertising sectors.

Zoltan Tuendik

Zoltan Tuendik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at HIPTHER, said: “Stepping into the future with exhilarating anticipation, we mark a momentous milestone at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024. This year, history is not just witnessed but vividly lived, as we embrace the thrilling first of hosting parallel sessions.”

Doubling our agenda, we’re not just expanding the event – we’re expanding horizons, minds, and the very fabric of innovation. Together, we are not just attendees, but pioneers on the cutting edge of a dynamic and evolving world,” he added.

Registration remains open, and with the expanded agenda, organizers noted that demand is high. “Whether you’re a seasoned iGaming professional or an affiliate looking to deepen your industry knowledge, the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 is the place to be,” Hipther Agency said. Those wishing to register can do so here.  

To view the full content of the agenda, including detailed descriptions of each panel and additional events, click here. To see the full speakers list, click here.