Betting platform to have biggest stand at iGB Affiliate history

Sports betting and casino platform announced it will be at iGB Affiliate next week with the biggest stand in the event’s history. The high-profile international brand, which is the principal sponsor of Premier League Everton Football Club, will be present at the event’s final edition in London at a 225 square meter stand (Q30) situated in the middle of the show floor.

Wasim Khan, Head of Affiliates, said: “This show provides us with a unique platform to connect with key industry stakeholders, build relationships with potential partners, and showcase our brand to a targeted audience. It’s a crucial event for us to reinforce our position in the market and stay updated on industry trends.”

It also plays a pivotal role in the development of our sector by providing a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and setting industry standards. It serves as a hub for fostering business development and maintaining high professional standards through discussions, workshops, and collaborations,” he added.

Success, for us, involves establishing new partnerships, reinforcing existing relationships, gaining insights into industry trends, and ultimately contributing to the growth of our affiliate network,” Khan noted.

The Head of Affiliates said he expects the major topics of conversation to revolve around advancements in technology, regulatory changes, and the evolving landscape of affiliate marketing. Key trends in 2024 may include the rise of new marketing channels, increased focus on the user experience, and the integration of innovative technologies. 

Challenges include navigating complex regulatory landscapes, adapting to changing consumer behaviors, and addressing concerns surrounding cybersecurity. I believe the major opportunities lie in leveraging emerging technologies, exploring untapped markets, and fostering sustainable partnerships – all of this and much more will be discussed at iGB Affiliate which is one of the most important events in the industry diary,” he concluded.

iGB Affiliate organizers believe the last edition of the show before its relocation to Barcelona in 2025 will be a record-breaking event with a predicted 10+% increase in visitor numbers. Other key performance indicators are also in positive territory with the number of exhibitors and sponsors over 250, (+11% year on year) occupying a total of 13,647 square meters (11,758 in 2023).