Ezugi launches EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira, combining pre-recorded live dealer clips with RNG gameplay

B2B live casino and live lottery gaming solutions provider Ezugi has announced the release of its latest EZ Dealer Roulette online game, available in Brazilian Portuguese, named EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira.

This new local variant of EZ Dealer Roulette combines pre-recorded video clips of a professional live dealer, who is a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, with animated RNG (Random Number Generator) gameplay. The result is an online Roulette game that stands out and appeals to online gaming operators and players, says Ezugi.

“EZ Dealer Roulette offers traditional European Roulette with a modern, easy-to-understand user interface and live gameplay statistics,” explains the provider.

The objective of the game is for players to predict the numbered slot where the ball will land after the wheel has been spun and come to rest. In EZ Dealer Roulette, a certified RNG system selects the winning number using a mathematical algorithm.

What sets EZ Dealer Roulette apart from other RNG Roulette games, says Ezugi, is the integration of high-quality, pre-recorded video featuring a live dealer to the gameplay, providing “an authentic live gaming experience.”

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, stated: “Latin America is a significant market for Ezugi. We are fully committed to supporting operators in this exciting market with innovative localized games, and now EZ Dealer Roulette offers operators and players a distinct choice. It also provides flexibility in jurisdictions where online live dealer games are not allowed.”

He further added: “EZ Dealer Roleta Brasileira follows the successful launch of the first language variant of this unique game, EZ Dealer Roulette Thai, in August last year. The response from operators and players has been extremely positive, and we have plans for more language versions in the future.”