Málaga Juega gaming hall integrates Zitro’s MEGA y MÁS gaming system

Málaga Juega Salon has integrated Zitro’s MEGA y MÁS gaming system, following its recent launch at FIJMA Madrid. The system, along with a selection of new games, is set to bring enhanced gaming experiences to the venue, notes Zitro.

Zitro’s MEGA y MÁS system introduces a unique feature where if a player wins the MEGA jackpot without additional bets, the additional MEGA y MÁS jackpot is shared among other active players.

The Málaga gaming hall has also introduced new games such as “Seven Chests” on the Altius Glare cabinet and “Mighty Hammer” on Allure Glare. These games, along with existing Zitro titles, are now connected to the new system.

Manuel López, the owner of Málaga Juega, commented: “We find Zitro’s proposal very innovative, which allows us to connect several different games and cabinets to the additional MEGA y MÁSjackpot. This concept is very attractive to us because it allows us to offer an exceptional experience in our gaming venue” 

Rafael Delgado, Zitro’s regional sales manager, expressed gratitude for Málaga Juega’s trust in the MEGA y MÁS system. The integration of the system with the existing Zitro games on the One cabinet and Glare cabinet line, along with the new novelties, strengthens the business alliance between the two entities.