Ohio: BetMGM relocating Great American Ball Park sportsbook to downtown Cincinnati

BetMGM Sportsbook has announced its plans to relocate its Ohio retail betting facility from its current location at Great American Ball Park to the entertainment district in downtown Cincinnati. The move comes in the wake of a recent scandal involving suspicious betting activity during a college baseball game at the venue, although the sports betting brand has denied ties between the incident and the decision to move.

The company has emphasized that its current location at the Machine Room in Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, was always intended to be temporary. The new location, in contrast, is significantly larger and will include a full-service National Kitchen & Bar Restaurant, providing an enhanced experience for sports betting enthusiasts.

The incident in question revolves around alleged suspicious bets placed by Bert Eugene Neff Jr. on a college baseball game between the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University (LSU). This scandalous event ultimately led to the firing of Brad Bohannon, the baseball coach of the Crimson Tide. As a result, the Ohio Casino Control Commission initiated an investigation into the matter, which is still ongoing.

According to reports, the decision to relocate the BetMGM Sportsbook was not solely influenced by the recent wagering incident. The move is believed to be primarily driven by the low foot traffic experienced at the Reds’ ballpark location.

Additionally, the unexpected availability of a larger space in the downtown area played a significant role in prompting the relocation. The plans were reportedly already in motion well before the incident occurred, which wouldn’t be surprising taking into account BetMGM Sportsbook at Great American Ball Park has been the worst-performing retail sportsbook in Ohio.

The current sportsbook at Great American Ball Park will remain operational until the fall of this year, ensuring a smooth transition for customers. The partnership between BetMGM and the Cincinnati Reds, announced in October 2022, will continue despite the change in location.

The company expressed its enthusiasm for expanding its offerings in Ohio, with Matt Prevost, the Chief Revenue Officer of BetMGM, stating, “The Reds and Nation Kitchen & Bar are great partners, and together we’re building a premier entertainment venue that we can’t wait to see filled with fans.”

Matt Prevost, Chief Revenue Officer of BetMGM

The new BetMGM Sportsbook, located at The Banks, the downtown entertainment district across the street from the stadium, will see a collaboration with popular restaurant chain Nation Kitchen & Bar to create a unique sports atmosphere that will be open to patrons of all ages. However, individuals must be at least 21 years old to enter the dedicated sportsbook area.

The new venue will feature multiple betting windows, self-service kiosks, and numerous televisions to enhance the sports betting experience. Furthermore, both the sportsbook and the restaurant will operate on non-game days, ensuring a year-round destination for sports enthusiasts and patrons alike.

BetMGM is looking forward to a fresh start with its relocation, as the downtown entertainment district attracts visitors throughout the year. And by associating itself with a popular chain and establishing a presence in a vibrant area, BetMGM aims to generate increased foot traffic and drive more business to its sportsbook.

The previous location at Great American Ball Park has been underperforming, with the sportsbook reporting the lowest handle of the year and a loss of over $38,000 in revenue in April alone.

As of now, the four-month revenue stands at -$8,025. The company hopes that the move to the entertainment district will revitalize its operations and improve its financial performance.