MioMedia launches MyEmpire, a “first-of-its-kind” online casino brand with city-builder elements

iGaming affiliate program MioMedia is launching a new online brand called MyEmpire that promises to give casinos an “entirely new and unique social dimension.” The company says that the project is the industry’s first “city-builder casino brand,” taking players into “a gaming adventure that is more social than ever before.”

MioMedia describes the brand as one which “seamlessly combines a vast collection of online casino games with an enthralling meta-game that captivates players with stunning artwork, an engaging narrative, and the opportunity to construct their own empire.”
The project offers “a plethora of promotions” which include a complete Welcome Bonus package, a Weekend and a Weekly Reload Bonus, and a Cashback, among other features. 

MioMedia notes that gamers can also enjoy the bonus Crab, which sends them off to a claw machine where they can place their bets and grab themselves prizes. The site also has a market where players can buy bonus money.

Players can make the most of the VIP system with 5 different levels including Senator, Procurator, Principate, Legatus, and what the company calls “the very best” – Caesar. Each stage comes with its own set of rewards, including cash backs and increases on monthly withdrawal limits, and some of them even come with a personal account manager.
MioMedia notes that some of My Empire’s most exciting elements are the card flips and diamonds. Players can get their hands on daily rewards via the flip-the-cards element. In this, they can choose between 3 different cards, all of which contain a bonus. Moreover, when gamers place deposits and bets, they accumulate diamonds to build their empire

The platform consists of a total of 21 districts, each containing lots of houses. Each gamer is placed in a different segment on the map based on their activity. They then begin their empire-building journey by purchasing houses. Once they build their empire, they will receive special cash prizes of up to €5,500 ($7,036).

MioMedia’s Head of Affiliates Helen Reginia explained: “The MioMedia team always strives to work with very innovative and high-converting projects. MyEmpire is a perfect example of this! The new project truly raises the bar, introducing a completely new social element to online casinos that have never been seen before in the industry.”