Caesars’ 2022 CSR report: Advancing diversity, sustainability, community, and employee well-being

Casino-entertainment giant Caesars has released its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility report highlighting its progress toward diversity, environmental impact, investment in local communities, and employee support.

In 2022 we focused on enhancing our existing goals as well as offering more robust support for our team members and communities. This past year’s progress is a reflection of the dedication of our leadership and our team members to making an impact both inside and outside of the Company,” said Heather Rapp, Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Caesars Entertainment.

The company’s progress in critical areas during 2022 is outlined as follows:

Environmental Impact: The company is actively working to divert waste from landfills, curtail water consumption, and minimize its carbon footprint. With a target of achieving a 100% reduction in Scope 1 + 2 emissions by 2050, Caesars achieved a 41.8% interim reduction in 2022. Additionally, water usage was slashed by 14% compared to 2019. The company’s dedication to environmental concerns is evidenced by its inclusion in CDP’s 2022 A-list for Water Security for the third consecutive year, along with receiving “A” ratings for Climate Change, Water Security, and Supply Chain submissions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Caesars’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is reflected in its efforts to achieve gender and racial parity in leadership by 2025. The company witnessed a 106% surge in people of color occupying senior leadership roles in 2022 compared to the baseline set in December 2020.

Community Investment: In 2022, the company invested $81 million in the communities it operates in. This sum comprises $65 million in both mandated and discretionary donations, $3.5 million from the Caesars Foundation, $2.4 million reflecting team member volunteering, and $1.6 million in-kind contributions.

Education: The launch of the “All-In On Education” program in July 2022 is noteworthy. This initiative provides educational support to team members, including tuition assistance, affordable education options, student loan repayment, college savings plans, and scholarships for dependents. By December 2022, approximately 14,700 team members (29.3% of the eligible workforce) joined the educational platform. The program facilitated $1 million in student loan and tuition assistance payments, aiding 400 team members and their families. Notably, the inaugural Don Carano Legacy Scholarship supported 22 dependents pursuing higher education with scholarships up to $20,000 over four years.

Team Member Support: In 2022, Caesars introduced two programs aimed at enhancing benefits and safety of team members. Notably, the healthcare offering was expanded and improved, providing affordable and high-quality options for team members. Additionally, a new emergency security program was launched, necessitating team members in Las Vegas to carry alert fobs for immediate activation; over 3,700 fobs were issued by the end of 2022.