SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator attains 93% client satisfaction ratings

Research conducted by Kantar, a data analysis and consulting agency, has unveiled that 93% of clients are highly satisfied with the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator. This endorsement comes as a result of the survey’s findings, which underscore the continued rise in client contentment.

The research, which marks the second wave following a previous study in 2022, aims to uncover crucial indicators that guide operators when selecting a game aggregation platform supplier and to gauge the satisfaction level of SOFTSWISS’ flagship product, the Game Aggregator.

Respondents highlighted functional characteristics as top priorities, such as fair pricing, a wide portfolio of games and providers, and ease of technical integration and support. The research identifies a shift in emphasis, with an increasing importance placed on possessing licenses and certifications for regulated markets.

The research also delves into the emotional attributes that hold sway in the selection of a supplier. Respondents highlighted a top level of service, long-term and reliable partnership, and simple and rapid communication with account managers as influential emotional factors.

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator strengthens its position in the iGaming market by aligning closely with the crucial functional and emotional characteristics that are essential for operators. The high level of satisfaction expressed by clients serves as a testament to the product’s excellence.

Notably, 53% of respondents offered highly positive feedback, awarding the product a rating between 9 and 10 points. This accomplishment surpasses the previous year’s results, where 37% of respondents provided the highest ratings.

The survey encompassed various factors, including the speed of response to unscheduled maintenance requests and consistent access to games. Both these aspects garnered notably high scores in terms of client satisfaction.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, expressed her satisfaction with this recognition stating: “We are happy to receive such positive recognition, witnessing the increasing satisfaction and noting the areas for further growth.”

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator

“This difference in the share of completely satisfied clients in 2022 and 2023 proves that we know how to handle feedback well. We have considered the results of the last year’s survey, worked on clients’ requests, and succeeded in providing the top level service to bring our client’s business to a new stage.”

The product recently achieved a significant milestone by facilitating total bets exceeding EUR 10 billion in July, further reinforcing its preeminent position in the global iGaming market.

With a 24/7 support service boasting an average initial response time of merely 1 hour and an issue resolution time of around 15 hours, SOFTSWISS surpasses competitors in this pivotal aspect.

The research highlights its growth, achieving a rating of 8.6 out of 10 points in 2023, compared to 7.9 points in 2022.

Andrey Starovoitov, Co-CEO at SOFTSWISS, expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to consistently surpass work standards within the iGaming industry. 

Andrey Starovoitov, Co-CEO at SOFTSWISS

“We are very focused on our clients, analysing their demands and pain points. Understanding our clients is key to developing innovative products, improving service and building long-term, reliable partnerships.”

“Research results like this are another step towards strengthening our ecosystem of solutions and products and, consequently, our clients’ competitiveness and revenue. We are pleased that the latest results show high satisfaction with our flagship product, the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, and our service. We have raised the bar significantly and are determined to consistently push the boundaries of work standards in the iGaming industry