Brazil: Pixbet launches sports betting operations in Rio de Janeiro under State Lottery license

After being granted a license by the Rio de Janeiro State Lottery (Loterj) in June earlier this year and receiving accreditation in mid-August, Pixbet officially has entered the sports betting market in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. The company will market its services in an integrated manner with PIXS Cobrança e Serviços, responsible for the payment of bets and prizes.

The bookmaker is the second to go live with Loterj’s accreditation. The company now operates directly from Brazil through the website, while prior to this license it operated from abroad due to the lack of regulation of sports betting at the federal level.

Pixbet went through all the required stages determined by Loterj and, a few days ago, received the final approval of the Proof of Concept, which analyzed all the required documentation and technical aspects determined by the Public Notice of Accreditation.

Loterj’s requirements include a whole set of rules aimed at responsible gaming, KYC, self-exclusion, and protection against the use of the sports betting platform by minors.

“Loterj opened a very important door for us here in Rio de Janeiro. I must congratulate the entire Loterj team for their agility, responsibility, and confidence in our work. We are all very excited about the innovation proposed by Loterj to grow our market in the state and the country”, expressed Ernildo Junior, CEO of Pixbet, about this achievement.

Hazenclever Lopes Cançado, Loterj's President

For his part, Hazenclever Lopes Cançado, President of Loterj, commented: “This is a breakthrough for Pixbet, after fulfilling all the requirements we established when submitting the Notice of Accreditation. I want to welcome Pixbet and wish them much success on behalf of our entire Rio de Janeiro community, which is catered to with Loterj’s resources.”

“Loterj was a pioneer and will continue to be a pioneer in the gaming and lottery market, with seriousness and commitment to serve the neediest in Rio de Janeiro, which is the main function of Loterj”, he added.

At the same time, the president said that the other companies, if they comply with all the steps required by the entity, will also be able to offer their sports betting products in the near future.