Colorado Division of Gaming launches new statewide self-exclusion program

The Colorado Division of Gaming has officially launched the state’s new self-exclusion program. The program allows individuals with responsible gaming concerns to enroll to be excluded from gambling at casinos and placing sports wagers at retail and online sportsbooks in the Centennial State, according to a news release by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Along with the ban from participating in gambling, those on the list will not be able to redeem winnings, points, bonuses, comps, or “free plays” at state casinos. If found gambling, individuals on the exclusion list will have their winnings confiscated and could be criminally charged, according to the division.

The exclusion period can be set for one, three, or five years. Once on the list, a person will need approval from the Division of Gaming director to be removed. It should be noted that an individual must place themselves on the list. Someone else can’t do it for them.

Christopher Schroder, Colorado Division of Gaming Director, said: “The Division of Gaming is committed to promoting responsible gaming in the Colorado gaming industry, and the launch of the state’s self-exclusion program is an exciting advancement for our state.”

We appreciate all of the work that the PGCC has done to get the self-exclusion program to this point. They are an excellent partner in this important work,” he added

There are currently 550 residents on the self-exclusion list, according to the Division of Gaming. The self-exclusion list has already been disseminated to members of the gaming industry in Colorado, which will allow industry members to be able to take the appropriate steps to prevent enrolled individuals from gambling, with most of the identification expected to be done through scanning a person’s ID.

Previously, the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado (PGCC) enrolled individuals and managed the self-exclusion list. Now, the state is directly running it, aiming for an efficient and “robust” program in the next year, according to the release. Coloradans can sign themselves up to the new program on the government website or via mail.